New Jersey native Jacki Dickert grew up playing in the woods, climbing trees, and believing in the magic of the world. A child of a nature photographer, she informally studied the art her whole life. A trip to the visually stunning country of Iceland in 2006 inspired her to focus more seriously on photography, in order to present the wondrous beauty of the world for others to experience. This magnificence she finds in all wild places, from exotic locales to the little strip of woods near her own backyard.

An ecstatic wanderer at heart, Jacki photographs with an openness to the present moment and a keen awareness of the world around her. Imagination is her friend.

Her images have been showcased at galleries throughout New Jersey. Her work has been published on book covers, in textbooks, and in magazines like Backpacker and The Sun. Jacki won first place in the Ansel Adams photography contest help by the Fenimore Art Museum.  In addition, Jacki self-publishes the annual "World of Wonder" photography calendar. 

Recently retired from teaching elementary school, Ms. Dickert now teaches photography classes to children and adults.  She is an active member of the Camera Naturalist Photo Club and a presenter and judge for the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs.  Finally, she enjoys doing volunteer work for local environmental organizations and using her art and skills for conservation purposes.


Artist Statement

I feel great wonder and joy in the world around me. In awe of what I find in nature, I love the land, plants, patterns, and little corners of the world that I discover in my frequent wanderings there. Thus, my work ranges from sweeping landscapes to images of the often overlooked, but exquisitely beautiful, details of nature. Throughout, I attempt to incorporate a sense of design that is either inherent in the subject matter or effected by composition choice.

While my imagination is captivated by “found” artistry, I also believe a photographer may use the tools and techniques available to create expressive images. I am open to using the camera in non-traditional ways as well as to fully using the tools of the digital darkroom to develop my images to match my vision, both inner and outer.

I would like the viewing of my photographs to be a rich experience, evoking emotion and stimulating the imagination. Ultimately, I hope that my work allows viewers to be touched by the magic and beauty that is always around us.



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