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Liz Lipman-Stern(non-registered)
I am awed, teary-eyed, no words fit the beauty.
Sue Brown - Glacier(non-registered)
Hi Jacki! Love your pics!! Looking forward to hanging one in my motorcoach!!
George Mccann(non-registered)
Thank you for the Picture of the Picnic House. Loved when i seen it down the store. Many great memories there being i live across the street from it. Thanks again
Marty Lupowitz(non-registered)
Hi Jacki, so nice to look at your photos! You and your photos are awesome in every way!
Arthur L. Trevallee(non-registered)
You are one outstanding photographer! Keep up the great work! I have loved photography all of my life and have shot many weddings, and German Shepherd Dog shows, including the annual National shows for the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada. I have loved every minute of it. Now that I am 68 years old, I am winding down, however the memories live on. I wish you the very best in your pursuit of outstanding photography.
Art Trevallee
Konstantin Georgiadis(non-registered)
Your photos are stunningly beautiful and I enjoyed the opportunity of chatting with you today at the Audubon center !
Tom Caverly(non-registered)
Amazing work Jacki. You 're an amazing and inspiring artist. Thanks for sharing you!
judy dinnerman(non-registered)
You presented at the Cranbury club and your photos and message just delightful.
Thank you for so much inspiration..
Claire Kamp(non-registered)
The way you capture the sinuous, alive, vibrant nature, whether flora or fauna, delights!
Michael Clark(non-registered)
I love your work, and your 'Creativeness through Awareness' program. Hope to see you present again soon.
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